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Outbound Marketing – Stop Whining and Set Your Timer

Yep, time to screw your marketing head back on and start laying the foundation for the all-important 4th quarter ahead. Move the white voile to the summer closet, pretend the days aren’t getting


Experiential Events & the Rule of Three

THE INVITE SHOUTED, “Join us for the launch of our new collection!” Sigh. Reply later. Forget. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the reaction the sender hoped for, but it’s the one


Email Marketing – Tell Me Why, Again?

HERE’S A FRIGHTENING FACT – on average, people spend six hours a day on email. In my life as a marketer of fancy luxury things, I get asked about email’s relevancy – by


Violet Diamonds – The Jewels of Elizabeth Taylor

SHE WAS LATE, the day we met in 1999.  Not as late as her legend would profess, but late enough to remind us who she was. That meant everyone waited.


Art Schmart

  I THINK ALOT ABOUT WHAT DRAWS ME – or anyone else, for that matter – to a particular work of art.   I won’t bore you with all the ruminations,


Behind the Scenes

DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU photo shoots are horrifically stressful, dreary events. They’re a blast! Filled with creativity and artists making magic.  My gig covering the warm and wonderful Tracy



“CUSTOM PRE-FAB” SOUNDS LIKE AN OXYMORON, I know.  But, you’ll be intrigued to learn it is not.  In fact, designing these build-by-numbers dwellings has become my passion.  And vocation. Although,


Legendary Lautner

“THE NEXT-BEST ARCHITECT ON EARTH,” according to Frank Lloyd Wright (after himself, of course).  “A God,” says former student Frank Gehry.  Marking the 100th year of John Lautner’s birth, the


An Unquiet Mind – the Work of Tim Burton

Macabre.  Bemused.  Tortured.  Whimsical.  Alienated. Pick one… or two.  Tim Burton has made a significant living forcing his demons on both Disney executives and Helena Bonham Carter. The LACMA exhibition